Naomi Hyman

“I wholeheartedly believe that you can’t build strong families, healthy communities, or genuine and sustainable economic prosperity on a platform of divisiveness and mistrust.”

  • Some of My Qualifications

    Communications professional for more than three decades. Experienced community educator. Bridge builder in settings ranging from the boardroom to the classroom to the family room.

  • What I'm For

    Smart economic development. High quality public education. Protecting our rivers and our open spaces.

  • One of My Ideas

    I will listen to and work with all stakeholders–including conservation and sporting groups, farmers and watermen–to support the health of the environment and to help communities threatened by economic and climate change.

I was raised to value justice and fairness, and to protect the vulnerable. I’ve been acting on those values since I was a child. In grade school, I donated a portion of my weekly allowance to charity. As a teen, I helped run the Trick or Treat for UNICEF program and canvassed for local political candidates. More recently, I’ve worked on political campaigns in a variety of capacities and served as a poll watcher here in Talbot County.

I’ve been a marketing and communications professional for more than three decades. I have experience in a number of industries, including software development, career and technical education, and health and wellness.

My experience also includes adult education and community programming, with significant experience in professional development, interfaith education, stress reduction, health and wellness and more.

And in every setting–from boardroom to classroom to family room–I’ve been bridge builder and collaborative problem-solver.

Although I didn’t have the good fortune to be born in Talbot County, I knew from my first visit that it was home. My husband, Bob Hyman, and I moved to the Eastern Shore in 1996, and settled in Easton in 2000. We love our adopted community, and we’re doing our best to give back to the County that has given us so much.

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