China’s Tariffs on U.S. Soybeans Will Sting American Farmers

China’s Tariffs on U.S. Soybeans Will Sting American Farmers

Agriculture is the number one land use for Talbot County encompassing 62% of Talbot County’s 172,227 acres. Farming is crucial to the economy of the County and to the way of life of its residents.


China’s tariff list, announced last week in retaliation to President Trump’s trade actions, included soybeans, a crop vital to Talbot County’s economy. With as much as a quarter of the soybeans grown in the U.S. currently exported to China, this is an action that can have direct consequences on our County’s farming community.


Chaotic trade policies have catastrophic consequences and nobody wins in a trade war. Without U.S. soybeans, analysts say global supplies of the crop would be insufficient to meet China’s long-term demands. And if the tariffs are implemented, U.S. soybeans may have to be sold at a discount relative to crops from South America. This means less money in hardworking Americans’ wallets.


From the local to the federal levels, we need common sense, stable elected leadership. We support our Democratic candidates because they will fight for the the ones usually hurt the most in trade wars: the small town, local American workers, like our farmers in Talbot County.


Read Lucy Craymer’s piece at The Wall Street Journal


posted by Patrick Firth, TCDCC Member